Lobby TV Setup

Student Check In - Lobby TV Setup Instructions

Student Check In has a Simple solution for your Lobby Display

Custom Lobby TV Display using LG Smart TV

Connect the LG Smart Series TV to Student Check In

  • Connect the LG Smart TV to your WiFi
  • Temporarily Connect a keyboard to the USB port
  • From the Main Menu, Open the LG Browser
  • Connect to "https://www.studentcheckin.com/login/tv/?system_id=demo"
  • --change the system id to your own system id
  • Click on the full screen icon - top right

Setup the TV options

  • Go to Main Menu->Configuration
  • Scroll down to TV Options
  • Set your options


  • Adjustable Font Size
  • Choose Order of Names
  • Show Average Wait time
  • Show Custom messages
  • Rotate TV to portrait mode
  • Shows acknowledge name for 3 minutes

Student Check In TV display settings