Student Sign In Sheet

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Organize the Students

Student Check In collects the name, id and reason for visit then sorts the list by arrival time. The organized list is shown on staff desktops in order of arrival.

Notify Staff

Every department can have a list of arriving students on their desktop the second they arrive. Staff can respond directly without having a receptionist call them.

Document Everyone

Management will love the reports telling how many people were served, what they came in for, how long they waited and who helped each student. These reports are very valuable to staffing and performance reports.

Replace the Sign in Sheet

A paper sign-in sheet just isn’t enough to handle the volume of students and it’s hard to justify a person dedicated to greeting people upon arrival. Our Check In System will alleviate the line and push the student information to each desktop. Your staff now has the organized student queue on their desktop, allowing them to respond faster and reduce the wait time.

Students waiting in line

The Top Benefits of an Electronic Sign In Sheet

Legible Names

It's pretty obvious when it comes to handwriting, a typed name and consistent reason for visit wins!

HIPAA Compliance - Privacy

Today, privacy is crucial to everyones confidence. Having a paper sign in sheet says you don't care about the students privacy.

Track Wait Times

Do you know exactly what your wait times are? Accurate time stamps provide statistics to help manage your office.

Accurate Time and Date

Let's face it. Students don't estimate time very well. An accurate time stamp will document the visit and punctuality.

Improved Response Times - Less Wait

Student Kiosks can easily sort student needs and notify the correct department or staff member. Unlike a paper sheet, multiple persons can monitor the student workload and respond directly.

Accurate Time and Date

Having your student check in information in a database allows you to generate valuable reports. Track work flow, wait times and staff performance.

Using an Apple iPad - It's as Easy as 1-2-3

Ask for Name

Legible Names
No Card to Maintain
Standard Keyboard Layout

Ask for ID

Optional Screen
Accepts Alpha Numeric
Standard Keyboard Layout

Ask For Reason

One Touch Button
Up to 16 Choices

Standard Display for Office Computers

This is one of the screens available to staff. Clicking Acknowledge time stamps the entry and records the staff name of who is helping the student.

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