Student Check In
Affordable Kiosks to replace Sign In Sheets

How busy is admission time?

Organize students with a Check In Kiosk

Student Check In is a touch screen kiosk designed to replace the traditional paper sign in sheet. Specifically for Counselors and Financial aide offices, our Student Check In system improves the student sign in process by automatically sorting and organizing the students as they arrive. Name, Student ID and needs are collected and the organized information is presented to office staff at their computer on a live display. This reduces the workload for the receptionist and improves response times of your staff. High volume days are easily tamed and organized to help your office be more productive with less reception staff.

Student Check In replaces the sign in sheet and sort students automatically for faster processing

patient kiosk You can replace the sign-in sheet with an Apple iPad, Android based tablet or touch PC for a low cost, efficient Student Check In System. When the student signs in, they instantly notify your staff at their desktop.

Get more from your sign-in sheet

A Student Kiosk saves check in information and gives you long term reporting abilities. After all, computers are supposed to make the job easier. With the information stored in a database, the names, dates and timestamps can produce valuable reports about traffic flow, wait times, student needs and staff performance. How would you like to know the average wait time or time to service a specific student need? With a student check-in system, its a simple report.

iPads make great Kiosks!

patient kiosk on stand

Low priced tablets make touch screen kiosks more cost effective

The Apple iPad is a very stable and low maintenence touch screen that everyone is familiar with. Customers are familiar with the touch and feel of cell phones and tablets. This means they have no reservation about using it. We frame it in a secure kiosk stand and it can be mounted on the wall, set on the counter top or used as a stand alone kiosk.

IT staff will love the low maintenance and top security of the IOS platform. Since there is no data stored on the device, the security risk is at it's lowest. If it breaks, it is easy and cheap to replace compared to full blown PC based kiosk systems. The iPad can be connected to any WiFi network with internet access and not necessarily the same network your office PCs are on. Check our spec sheet for technical details.

Student Check In Kiosk Benefits

No more messy hand writing!
Clear, legible, typed Student Names, ID and reason for visit.

Accurate Time Stamps
No time guessing! Accurate time stamps are the best.

Managed student services queuing for better organization

Valuable Management Reports
Management Reports to document traffic, work load, wait times and student needs

Performance & Staff Statistics
Document your staff needs with exact student services tracking

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