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Improve Admissions office organization and efficiency

Student Check In is a system to replace the traditional paper sign in sheet with a clear and  accurate touch screen kiosk. Designed for Counselors and Financial aide offices, our Student Check In system improves customer service by organizing the student sign in process. Student names and needs are collected and the organized information is presented to office staff at their computer on a live display. This  reduces the workload for the receptionist and improves response times of your staff. High volume days are easily tamed and organized to help your office be more productive with less reception staff.

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A Simple Student Check In system for the Admission & Counseling Office

Student Check In is the latest improvement to customer service. Using an Apple iPad you can now collect and distribute arriving student information across your network of staff computers. The vast improvements over the traditional paper sign in sheet include;

  • Clear and readable names
  • Accurate time stamps
  • Automatic sorting of students needs
  • Live Display to all staff computers
  • An Organized Check List of Customer Service
  • Valuable Management Reports
  • Tracking of Performance and Staffing needs

Try our online demonstration to see how easy it is!

Check In Systems Inc.
10460 Roosevelt Blvd 314
St Petersburg, FL 33716

The Apple iPad is a very cost effective
Kiosk Solution for Student Sign In

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Easy to Read & Accurate Information

With a paper sign in sheet the information is often hard to read. With Student Check In the sign in information is clear, accurate and time stamped.

Clear communications results in efficient customer service and a more efficient office.

Automatic Sorting of Students

When students sign in they give a reason for their visit from the choices you provide. The students are sorted by these reasons when the information is presented on staff computers allowing each employee to choose the student they will help next.

Management Reports

Management reports can help with documentation and staffing needs. The sign in sheet data is accurately time stamped to reveal trends. Real time data along with historical data can help make your office more efficient by documenting staffing needs.